This project was a collaboration with Samantha Ortiz and Savannah Menchaca.



In 2015 the flu vaccine was only 20% effective. This caused a public relations problem, and the people who were on the fence about getting the flu shot (the in-betweeners), just didn't get vaccinated. There are also the anti-vaccine zealots who spread their own propaganda preaching de-bunked stats about the flu vaccine. They have strong opinions, and are recruiting the "in-betweeners" to their anti-vac crusade.


Flu.gov needs a campaign to reinforce the positive effects of the flu vaccination. We created a scenario where the person who has the vaccine in encapsulated in a bubble which protects them from harm. "The ICK" is an exaggerated representation of the people, surfaces, and places that carry the flu virus. Brave people dare go out in public when "The ICK" is about. But with the flu vaccine, they can get their own barrier against  "The ICK."


Print Ads

Every person encapsulated in the warm yellow bubble is protected by the odd things happening outside. I really enjoyed exaggerating the people outside the bubble while illustrating.


Web Ads

Flu.gov will buy out the ad-time on Hulu or Pandora to give users an ad-free experience sponsored by Flu.gov.


Flu.gov Vaccine Bus

The mobile bus will bring the flu vaccine to those who don't have access to it. The person getting their flu shot will be in the center of the bubble through the window.


Campaign Microsite

Consumers will be directed to the Microsite to learn more about the flu and the flu vaccine. To keep their attention, fun animations and paralax scrolling will enhance the website experience.