IBM Pride 2019

Pride 2019 @ IBM


In 2019, I was tasked with leading the creative for IBM’s social Pride campaign.

I jumped at the opportunity to combat the rainbow washing criticism that most companies deal with. This was a chance for me to act on my passions and beliefs within a company with 350,000 employees. IBM to most millenials seems irrelevant at at almost 110 years old. This was a chance to make the brand seem as fresh as it’s employees.

Shout out to my collaborators

Liz Kauff/Wise Social Creative Lead/Dog Stalker
Nicole Shevlin/Social Strategist from another world/Disney Fanatic
Cynthia Wright/Producer/Muscle Lady
Renee Edwards/Product Owner/My boss
Entire IBM Corporate Team/Weekly collaborators/Allies


The campaign was a major success with great feedback from every corner of the internet.