Social Tiles

The image above is the closest thing we did to Social Tiles at Red Hat. This is optimized for Facebook where the ads can only have text fill up 20% of the image. I am at the whims of my Art Director at Red Hat, so it came out a lot different then I would have done it.



This little guy above was scrapped from my project “Next” in my portfolio. We ended up going a different route, but he is a great example of a quick animation done in photoshop.

I chopped off my orange hair a while ago, and this used to be my portfolio hero. This animation was done in Adobe After Effects.



This is the diagram/ infographic we used to explain how docker works in a cheat sheet for Red Hat. 


Texas Book Fair Comic

Above are the first 3 pages, and the last page of a comic I did for Texas Book Fair. It was a comic, coloring, and activity book for kids of ages 1 to 12. It was commisioned to encourage kids to go to college, and inform parents about saving for college.

Most of my comic book work is done on a really tight budget, and freelance. There are things I want to change, but with the time restraints and budget, it came out really wonderful. We had a writer layout the story and then we edited it for time and the comic medium.

Thank you!